The International Kids’ English Club e.V. (originally the Internationale Kindergruppe e.V.) was set up in 1975 by parents in the Darmstadt area situated 30 minutes south of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The aim of the group is to provide a forum for children to speak and maintain their English mother-tongue, and to act as a point of contact for their parents.

We cater for families that have at least one native English speaker; families returning to Germany after living in an English speaking country, and whose children already have a good knowledge of English, or parents committed to bringing up their children bi-lingually, where English is one of the chosen languages. We are not an English teaching school for anyone who wants to learn English from scratch.

Each of our groups are run on a weekly basis. You will find a link to a short description of each group, and the age group that it is aimed at, under the heading ‘Our groups’ in the navigation bar. For more information please contact our Membership Secretary.

Current IKEC Costs:
–       Annual Membership Fee of €69.00
–       Baby Group at €25.00 per quarter (group not active at the moment)
–       Preschool Group at €10.00 per class
–       English Classes at €12.00 per 1.5 hour class and €15.00 per 2 hour class