Membership is open to all families with at least one English-speaking parent and whose children already have a good knowledge of English, or parents committed to bringing up their children bi-lingually, where English is one of the chosen languages. We are not an English teaching school for anyone who wants to learn English from scratch.

The yearly membership fee of €69 goes towards paying for our premises and the running of the club and will be paid by direct debit. After that, each member pays for any groups they choose to attend, the charges for which are debited from you account by direct debit. These fees vary between the groups and go towards various materials (eg. arts and crafts equipment) and salaries for the leaders where applicable.

Should you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the membership secretary.

To apply to become a member, please fill in the following membership application, privacy & direct debit form and return it to the membership secretary.

Current IKEC Costs:
–       Annual Membership Fee of €69.00
–       Baby Group at €2.00 per session (group currently not active)
–       Preschool Group at €10.00 per class
–       English Classes at €12.00 per 1.5 hour class and €15.00 per 2 hour class