Baby and Toddler Group Afternoons

Currently our baby and toddler group is meeting at Pädagogische Ideenwerkstatt e.V. (Soderstrasse 16 in Darmstadt). If you are interested to join the group, please contact our group representative for more information:


Our group meets on Thursday afternoons and is run by our new group leader Róisín. We welcome parents and their children up to 3 years of age (and their older siblings)!

The focus of the group is to have fun whilst improving skills in areas such as language skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and motor skills. We try to offer a structured environment and supportive atmosphere not only for group activities but also for when the children do things on their own. Naturally, due to the children’s age, we leave room to do as much of an activity as they like and parents are asked to help where their children need it.

Each session begins with some unstructured playtime where the children are free to explore and play with age appropriate toys. Then we read an English story and sing some English nursery rhymes. Sometimes we even dance a bit! If the weather is nice we might visit the nearby playground.

The group meets in Darmstadt at Pädagogische Ideenwerkstatt e.V. (Soderstrasse 16).

Anyone interested in stopping by should first contact the group rep to confirm when we will be meeting next.